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Fast Mock Draft
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Fast Mock Draft is a system designed to greatly reduce the time required to complete a mock draft, while providing additional features as well.
Registered Users sign up as GMs to participate in drafts, and build a Draft Board ranking the players they desire in their order of preference. A Draft Board is also sometimes referred to as a proxy list.
Users may optionally select that their selection occur automatically, which requires they have at least as many players ranked on their board as there are picks occuring in front of them.
Users may also optionally select to receive an Email warning when it is their turn to select.
The system was originally designed for mock drafts patterned after the upcoming NFL draft, but it can be easily configured to handle virtually any sport or drafting need.


A League is a collection of Teams, Schools, and Players used to conduct mock drafts. Users must have Chairman status to create a League, and the creator of a league becomes it's Chairman, and is the only one who may make changes to the league format.
Leagues fall into two general categories, standard leagues and fantasy leagues.
Standard leagues are what the Fast Mock Draft system was originally set up to provide, simulating a draft such as the NFL college draft. In a standard league, the Teams normally consist of all the teams in one of the major sports leagues, such as the NFL. The Schools would then be the major universities and colleges that students eligbile for the draft attend, with the Players being those players eligible for the particular draft in question.
The Fast Mock Draft system can also be configured to conduct fantasy drafts. All that is required is to build the collections of Teams, Schools, and Players accordingly. In a fantasy league, the Teams normally consist of all the participants in the draft. Typically, each Team name is the same as the User name of the corresponding GM. Since the Schools are where the drafted players are coming from, in a fantasy draft, the Schools are normally set up to be the teams in the major sports league, such as the NFL. The Players in the league are all the players from that major sports league that participants are allowed to select.
Any User with Scout status may add addtional players into a league, and change/delete entries they make. The Chairman of a League can add/change/delete any entries.

Draft Orders

Draft Orders indicate the number of rounds in a draft, and the selection order within each round. Users must have Commissioner status to create Draft Orders, and the creator of a Draft Order is the only one who can make changes to it. Here is the recommended procedure for building a Draft Order:
  1. From the Draft Orders page, add a new entry, giving it a unique, descriptive name.
  2. On the detail page that appears, enter the draft order for the 1st round. At this stage, do not account for any trades. Assign each pick to the Team that originally would have the selection. (You may wish to use the Notes field to list information about traded picks at this stage in the process, as a reminder to be corrected later.) Enter the number of regular season wins in the "Wins" box for Teams that are tied in the draft order; this will cause the selection order to rotate in succeeding rounds. (You may leave this entry blank for teams that aren't tied in the draft order with any other team.) When you are finished, press "Submit" to save your changes.
  3. Once the 1st round has been entered and saved, click the "Build Draft Order Detail" link to copy the Draft Order into the remaining rounds.
  4. After the Draft Order has been copied into all the rounds, return and account for any trades, re-assigning the pick to the appropriate Team. Use the "Notes" field to indicate any details you wish to provide about the traded pick.
  5. After completing all of the above, if compensatory picks are being used, add these as well, using the "Add Compensatory Pick" link while viewing the round you wish to add the pick to.

Draft Boards

There are two kinds of boards. Both can be reached from the Draft Boards page. The first kind is called a General Board. This is built by any user who has Scout status. (Currently, all registered users have this status) A General Board is a general-purpose ranking of players, without regard to a specific draft. General Boards can either be built as an overall ranking of players, or a Team can be specified, implying the board is tailored to that team's needs. General Boards are available for viewing by any user (unless the owner marks it as "Private"), but only the user who created the board is allowed to make changes.
The other kind of board is called a Draft Board. This is a specific list built by a user functioning as a GM for a particular Team in a particular Draft. Draft Boards are not accessible to other users, as that could allow them to "cheat" during a Draft, by determining how another GM has Players ranked.

Specific instructions for ranking Players within a board:
  • You must select a Position from the dropdown list in order to add players to a board.
  • While your list is restricted to a particular position, you may give each of those Players a relative ranking. To give Players an overall ranking, select "All" from the list of Positions.
  • To remove a Player, give him a negative ranking, such as -1.
  • Fractions may be used to speed the ranking process. For example, give a Player a ranking of 2.5 to place him between Players you already have ranked 2nd and 3rd. When you submit your rankings, the computer will automatically renumber the entries.

Participating in a Draft

Here are the steps required to participate in a Draft:
  1. You must be a registered User to participate in a draft.
  2. Select the League that you wish to participate in. If your browser accepts cookies, it will remember the League you were last using every time you visit the site.
  3. On the Drafts page, look at the Slots column for Drafts that still have slots open. Follow that link and select one of the Teams still available.
  4. Selecting a Team to draft for automatically creates a Draft Board for you for that draft. However, you still must populate that board, ranking Players in the order you prefer. The section above titled Draft Boards has more detailed instructions on doing this.
  5. Once all the slots have been filled for a Draft, the Commissioner of the Draft will provide more detailed information as to the starting time and time allotted for each selection.

Specific instructions for making your selection:
  • Select Boards from the navigation bar, and then the Draft Board of the team you are selecting for.
  • If you are on the clock for the draft, a warning will appear at the bottom of the page.
  • You must have at least one Player with an overall ranking to make a selection. Your selection will always be the Player you give the highest overall ranking.
  • If the Player you wish to select is not in your board, follow the directions on the screen to add him. If the Player/School haven't been added yet to the master list(s), you may need to add one or both of those first.
  • Once the Player you desire is on your board, rank him, making sure to give him the highest overall ranking. (If you were adding players to your board, you will need to return the Position selector to "All" to set overall rankings. If your board is empty, and you add only one Player, he will automaticly be ranked "1".)
  • Once the Player you desire is at the top of your ranked players, follow the "Make Selection" link to select that Player.
Following drafts in progress

All ongoing drafts can be monitored from the Drafts page. Java-enabled browsers should display a draft ticker for each draft in progress.
Pressing the hyperlink in the Picks column will bring up a detail page listing all the selections made in that draft, along with the picks remaining. The color indicators help identify how quickly the next several selections will be made.
A red light indicates that a board is empty, so the draft will "stall" at that selection until the GM or a commissioner intervenes and makes a selection.
A yellow light indicates that the GM either doesn't have enough ranked players to guarantee one will be available when that team goes on the clock,
OR the GM does have enough ranked players, but has the AutoPick option disabled.
A green light indicates the board has enough ranked players to guarantee one will available, and AutoPick is enabled. That pick will be made immediately when that team goes on the clock.

Conducting a Draft

Here are the steps required to conduct a Draft:
  • You must have Commissioner status to conduct a Draft.
  • First, you should check to see if a Draft Order exists that meets the requirements for the draft you wish to conduct. If need be, follow the instructions above to build an appropriate Draft Order.
  • From the Drafts page, follow the Add Draft link, and enter all the appropriate information.
  • Once all the GM slots have been filled, contact the draft participants, and/or provide status updates in the Draft Information field, to inform everyone of the starting time of the draft, time allotted for picks, and other details.
  • Commissioners may assign one or more Deputy Commissioners to assist them in operating the draft. Deputy Commissioners can perform routine operations such as make a selection for a GM who is overdue, but can't make significant changes to the draft itself such as changing the clock settings.
  • As of now, the Commissioner must manually oversee the selection process, via the Draft Control Panel. In the future, it may be possible to automate portions of this process.


Chairman - A User who oversees the operation of a League.
Commissioner - A User overseeing the operation of a Draft.
Deputy Commissioner - A User who assists the Commissioner in the operation of a Draft.
Draft - A single mock draft.
Draft Order - A list indicating the number of rounds, and selection order within each round.
Draft Board - A list built by a GM, establishing a relative ranking for players available to be drafted, for a particular Team for a particular Draft.
General Board - A list built by a Scout, establishing a relative ranking for players available to be drafted. This is a general purpose list, not necessarily built to favor the requirements of any particular team.
GM - A User making selections for a particular Team in a particular Draft.
League - A collection of Teams, either real or fictitious, that drafts Players.
Player - A collegiate or other player who is eligible for a particular draft.
School - A University, College, or similar institution, that players who are eligible for the draft attend.
Scout - A User who builds lists of player rankings, optionally made available to other GMs.
Team - An organization participating in a draft, such as an NFL team.
Template - A skeleton League used to build other Leagues. Templates are in place for all the major professional sports leagues.
User - A registered user of the Fast Mock Draft system.